Casting the Earlham Castoroides, Part 13


After 13 straight days making molds and casts of the Joseph Moore Museum’s Castoroides skeleton, we’ve finally completed the first copy!

We’ve made a total of 60 molds for this skeleton using just over 15 gallons of silicone. This afternoon we finished the first cast copy, which is staying at Earlham. We’re making several copies for VMNH, and we expect to have the first of those completed tomorrow.

Again, to be fair, we’re not actually quite done. The sternum, right clavicle, and five vertebrae need to be partially or completely sculpted, then molded and cast. We’ll do that back at VMNH in the coming weeks. We also have a few things to wrap up here at Earlham, including completing some molds of other specimens. Those things will keep us here for a few more days.


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2 Responses to Casting the Earlham Castoroides, Part 13

  1. Megan Hamilton says:

    Wow! You guys are doing an awesome job! What a beautiful fossil.

  2. joe keiper says:

    Well done fellas! Can’t wait to see next steps!

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