Badlands Virtual Field Trip published

Badlands coverAlthough it was somewhat delayed, Brett and I have published our second virtual field trip for the iPad, this time on Badlands National Park.

As with our earlier publication on Oakes Quarry Park, this trip is targeted to high school earth science students and undergraduate historical geology students. It focuses on the changes in lithology and fauna as you move through time in the Badlands section. We used large numbers of images of fossils housed at the South Dakota School of Mines Museum of Geology, which kindly granted us permission to use photos of their specimens.

Badlands sampleAs with our previous VFT, almost the entire Badlands trip is locally stored on the iPad; an internet connection is only required to access the included Gigapan images. We hope this will open up a new potential use for this trip, as a supplement to in-person field trips to the Badlands. This will enable visitors to quickly see, for example, some of the fossils that are known from the unit in front of them.

Badlands biostrat



The Badlands National Park Virtual Field Trip is available now as a free download from the iTunes Bookstore, and can be viewed on the iPad or iPad Mini.


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