Another collection of fossils transferred to VMNH


Ray and I were able to finish making our Castoroides molds a few days ahead of schedule, so we’re using the extra time to take care of a few other things.

Several months ago the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum transferred a large collection of federal fossils to VMNH. However, there was still a small collection, mostly of invertebrates, that were SVDM (rather than federal) property. Recently the SVDM board decided to transfer the remaining scientifically important fossils to VMNH, and today Ray and I stopped in Winchester to pack them for transport back to Martinsville.

The majority of the collection consists of Devonian invertebrates from deposits just outside of Winchester. These include several nice specimens of the trilobite Phacops, such as the examples at the top of the page and below:



There’s also an impressively large Devonian cephalopod from the same unit:


Not all the specimens were invertebrates. Among other things, there were some nice Triassic-Jurassic fish from the Culpeper Basin in Virginia:


I’d like to thank Mary Braun and Geb Bennett for making this transfer possible.

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1 Response to Another collection of fossils transferred to VMNH

  1. Joe Keiper says:

    I’m very excited to see these materials come to VMNH! The donations by the SVDM have already been an asset to us!

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