Short Castoroides update

2013-11-11aI haven’t talked much lately about our casts of the giant beaver, Castoroides, but that’s not indicative of how much work we’re putting into it. Late last week the project took a big step forward, when we received the steel base for the mounted skeleton (above). This was produced by Koger Air in Martinsville, based on drawing Ray provided to them. The skeleton will be supported at three points, one on each forelimb and one on the tail.

Koger Air actually produced three bases for us. Two will be used for VMNH exhibits, while the third will be used to remount the Boonshoft Museum copy of Castoroides, which we’re working on here at VMNH.

We’ve also been producing extra casts of the skull of Castoroides:



If you’ve always wanted a giant beaver, we’ll have a limited number of these cast skulls, as well as other casts, on sale this Saturday at the North Carolina Fossil Fair.

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