Return to Carmel Church


The day after returning from the North Carolina Fossil Fair, Christina, Ashley and I headed to Carmel Church to try to get in a quick excavation before Thanksgiving.

Much of today was taken up with safety training, and reviews of the stratigraphy and paleontology for visiting geologists and students from Randolph Macon and the Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy, so I don’t have a lot to report yet. But almost as soon as we arrived Christina made one exciting discovery, a significant part of a fish skull (above).

This material is going to need a lot of cleaning back at the lab, but I tried to work on it a bit in my hotel room this evening:


There are some interesting things going on here, starting with the fact that this is a pretty big fish for Carmel Church. There are several big, scary teeth, and they’re in two different rows, so I think we actually have the anterior ends of both dentaries (or possibly both premaxillae). I’ve done about as much prep work as I can here, so getting any more information out of this specimen will have to wait until we return to the museum.

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