Carmel Church, Day 4


The weather is expected to turn bad in a few days, so we’re trying to remove as many bones as we can before this weekend. Our small pit in the northeast part of the quarry produced several more bones today, including the apparent partial radius (part of the forelimb) shown above. This bone was actually standing on end in the sediment; that’s a bit unusual even for Carmel Church.

Meanwhile, Christina and Ashley have been finding some interesting bones in our expansion of the Buttercup Pit. Ashley found this nice shark vertebra today:


Christina found this tiny odontocete lumbar vertebra:


I found this one especially intriguing. We don’t find very many odontocete vertebrae at Carmel Church, especially that are this small; we may have around a dozen of them altogether. Eight of them have come from the Buttercup Pit, from an area less than 10 square feet in size (this one is the ninth). I believe these nine vertebrae all come from one individual, and I don’t yet know what taxon it is. More work to do!

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