Two beavers are better than one

2014-03-11aWhile we recently completed a mounted cast of the Joseph Moore Museum’s giant beaver skeleton, that wasn’t the end of our exhibit work with Castoroides. The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery already owned a cast of the same skeleton that was produced from different molds several decades ago. Apparently this cast was mounted at some point in the past, but had been taken apart and stored. We agreed to remount the skeleton for Boonshoft.The original armature was unusable, so we had a new base made at Koger Air, and Chip and Ashley began bending metal rod for the vertebral column based on the shape of our previous armature:



It turned out that a number of the original cast bones couldn’t stand up to drilling (they were cast in some sort of very brittle material), so we’ve also made new casts of a number of bones. The brown bones in the photo at the top of the page are new castings, while the black ones are the original castings.

Over the last week we’ve begun stringing the vertebrae and permanently attaching them to the armature:


Based on what we learned from our first armature, we’re going to be making some changes to the construction of this skeleton. In particular, we’re simplifying the forelimb supports, which should make construction much quicker. We’re hoping to have this skeleton completed and ready for delivery to Boonshoft sometime around the end of April.

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