Return to Carmel Church

Today marked the beginning of our first Carmel Church excavation of 2014. We last visited Carmel Church six months ago, and things have changed a bit, including the stream above the pit that has jumped its bank and now flows across the pit, fortunately in an area we’ve already excavated.


We reopened the same pit we started last November, where there’s very little overburden, so we made rapid progress. Before lunch Christina had found two partial Carcharocles teeth:



About the same time Chip found an isolated lumbar vertebra…


…as well a partial fish cranium that apparently came from the Choptank Formation:


Also in the Choptank, Laura found this tiny shell-like object (reminiscent of the mollusk Plicatula, but note the scale):


Laura also found a partial odontocete atlas vertebra, and an apparent occipital condyle from a whale:



Last year, the most remarkable thing we found in this pit was a gigantic boulder that was in-place in the bonebed. That boulder is still there…


…but today we discovered that it’s not unique, when we found two more large boulders nearby:



I’m still not sure how these boulders got into the deposit.

More to come tomorrow.

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One Response to Return to Carmel Church

  1. Yes I’d like to know how the boulders got there as well. A geological mystery!

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