Carmel Church Day 7

I only have a short report today, because even though we’re doing a lot of work, it’s mainly trying to prep bones we’ve already located for removal. Working around the boulders and digging through the cobble-rich conglomerate makes this a slow, tedious exercise. Even so, I estimate we’ve removed approximately 6.5 tons of sediment over the last week. To get an idea of how much we removed today, compare the image at the top taken today, to a comparable image from yesterday:


One bone that we did remove today was the medium-sized vertebra near the center of yesterday’s image:


This one is heavily encrusted with indurated conglomerate and will have to wait until we get back to the museum to be completely cleaned.

Another thing that has slowed us down a bit is that we’ve been trying to collect a pure Calvert Formation sample for a sedimentological study. However, the Calvert is riddled with burrows that are filled with the overlying Choptank Formation, like this example (the round feature is the Choptank-filled burrow in cross section):


These burrows are everywhere at the top of the Calvert, and some of them go completely through the Calvert and into the underlying Nanjemoy Formation.

We’re going to be here for another week, so more to come.

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