Carmel Church Day 8

We took yesterday off for Memorial Day, but we were back at the excavation today. We’ve actually come across a small area (maybe 1 X 0.5 m) that looks a bit more like the typical bonebed, although I’m not sure there isn’t a boulder lurking underneath. We found several new bones in this area.

Laura found one of the most interesting ones this afternoon, shown above. This appears to be a phalanx, or finger bone, from a baleen whale. This is exciting because last November we found two other bones from the flipper, a partial radius and another phalanx only a few centimeters away.

We also found a somewhat beat-up caudal vertebra, that is still stuck in some indurated sediment:


Finally, in a completely different part of the quarry, we found a small partial baleen whale jaw:


A quick survey showed that most of the jaw was missing, so we took some position and orientation measurements and removed it.

There is a chance of storms tomorrow, but we’re still hoping to get in a full day’s work.

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