Carmel Church, Day 9

We’re now focusing on three areas in the boulder field, that are producing a moderate number of bones. These all sit on and between boulders, and the boulders are dictating the progress of the excavation. With such a tight working space, we probably won’t be making any jackets on this trip, and instead are removing the bones one at a time.

At the top is the caudal vertebra that Laura found yesterday, which we removed this morning. We’ve now found five vertebrae in an area of about 2 square feet, four of which we’ve removed (two of them last year). Other than the two we found last year, which were articulated, it’s not yet clear if any of these vertebrae belong to the same whale.

Laura also found a ray tooth immediately behind the caudal vertebra:


This tooth is a bit unusual, and I’m not sure what ray species it cones from.

On the opposite side of the same rock, Christina removed what may be a mastoid process from a petrosal (an earbone):


If the rest of the petrosal is there we haven’t yet found it.

We had to shut down an hour early today because of thunderstorms, but we plan to go back in tomorrow morning.

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