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Carmel Church Day 4

We spent most of the day doing detail work around the small number of bones we’ve found. This sometimes requires working in awkward positions, which is why Ashley is laying head-down over the excavation pit in the photo above.

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Carmel Church Day 3

Usually by the third day of an excavation things have started to settle into a routine. For this excavation, routine means big rocks, and we found several more today.

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Carmel Church Day 2

We had another beautiful day for digging today, and made a lot of progress removing sediment. Unfortunately, that hasn’t translated into lots of bone. What we have been finding are lots of big rocks.

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Return to Carmel Church

Today marked the beginning of our first Carmel Church excavation of 2014. We last visited Carmel Church six months ago, and things have changed a bit, including the stream above the pit that has jumped its bank and now flows … Continue reading

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VMNH Geoscience collections now online (with pictures!)

For more than a year, VMNH earth science technician Sarah Timm and paleontology technician Christina Byrd have been hard at work transitioning the VMNH Geosciences databases to EGEMS, a database developed by Sarah for her Master’s thesis at Virginia Tech. … Continue reading

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Weekend activities

For a number of years I was the entire paid paleontology staff at VMNH (a problem shared by all our research departments), which made it difficult to carry out very many activities. In recent years, the museum has increased the … Continue reading

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