Carmel Church Day 12

On Saturday we wrapped up our May Carmel Church excavation. With lots of bones turning up over the last couple of days and all the difficulties introduced by the boulder field, we spent the day prying blocks of sediment and bone off the boulders. For example, in the photo above the only area not underlain by boulders is the dark patch at top center. All the visible bones (around six ribs in the center of the photo) are sitting on top of a boulder.

Here’s a closer view of another part of the boulder field:


And an annotated version:


The visible bones are outlined in blue, while the rocks larger than 10 cm are in red (nine of them in this photo, if you’re counting).

The small bone towards the lower left was another phalanx (finger bone), our third from this area:


Below is a panorama of the boulder field taken just before we left. Notice the 10 cm scale bar at the bottom, right of center. Almost everything visible in the photo is a rock; the main exceptions are the lower right and upper left corners, and the triangular area where the scale bar is sitting.


We ended up not taking out any jackets on this trip, but we do have around 20 boxes of material to take back to the museum for cleaning and repair. I’d like to thank Christina, Ashley, Sam, Laura, Chip, and Brett for working so hard to make this excavation a success, and, as always, Martin Marietta for providing access to the quarry.

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