Solite excavation, Day 4

2014-08-27aLast Saturday we had nice weather for continuing our salvage operation at the Solite Quarry. We were also fortunate to have a lot of additional Triassic expertise, as we were joined by Sterling Nesbitt and Michelle Stocker from Virginia Tech, and Nick Fraser from the National Museum of Scotland.

This was the first opportunity for Ray and Chip to try out the new portable saw which we were able to obtain with funding from National Geographic. The saw enables us to cut through approximately five inches of shale, and makes the recovery operation proceed much more quickly:


Several interesting fossils turned up on Saturday, including this tiny fish:


Jim found a nice Tanytrachelos skeleton:

2014-08-27bWe haven’t been specifically looking for insects in the field; instead we’ve been removing the insect-rich layers for later examination at the museum (we removed 6 cubic feet of insect bed on Saturday). Nevertheless, Nick managed to find several insects, including this water bug nymph:


This was probably my last Solite excavation for awhile, as I leave next week for my new job in California. But Ray and Christina intend to continue the recovery operation at Solite for as long as funds and access are available, so there will be lots more to report.


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