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Solite Excavation: Day 8

Day 8 of the excavation at Solite treated us to a number of Tanytrachelos specimens in varying conditions of preservation.

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Solite Excavation, Day 7

The seventh day of our Solite excavation was a stark contrast to last week. This week we had a smaller crew, weather any paleontologist would dream of, and we found significantly more and better preserved fossils. I also succeeded in … Continue reading

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Solite Excavation, Day 6

Despite the constant threat of rain, we were able to get into the pit and make some progress along the exposure. Our crew included Ray, Jim, and me, as well as two VT grad students, two professors from Roanoke College … Continue reading

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Solite Excavation, Day 5 and Blog 7th Anniversary

After taking a break for the Labor Day weekend, we went back to Solite last Saturday to continue our operation. We had our usual crew of VMNH folks along with 3 graduate students from Virginia Tech. Our excavation time was … Continue reading

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Unpacking the Cretaceous and Devonian

In January of 2013, the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum, in Winchester, VA, transferred their orphan collection to the VMNH. Within this collection, there is a plethora of critters from the Cretaceous of Montana to the Devonian of Virginia largely thanks to … Continue reading

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Headed west

As many of you already know, I’ve decided to leave my position at VMNH to take a new job as Executive Director of the Western Science Center in Hemet, California. Tomorrow morning I start the long drive out west, and … Continue reading

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