Headed west

2014-09-03aAs many of you already know, I’ve decided to leave my position at VMNH to take a new job as Executive Director of the Western Science Center in Hemet, California. Tomorrow morning I start the long drive out west, and will be officially starting my new job in a few weeks. “Updates” will continue to follow the exploits of the VMNH Paleontology Department, but Christina Byrd will be writing the posts from now on (although I may drop in for an occasional guest post from time to time). But I’m not willing to give up blogging altogether, and so I’ve started a new blog, “Valley of the Mastodon“, which will focus on the activities of WSC and the geology and paleontology of California, or whatever else I feel like writing about. So I hope you will all continue to follow “Updates”, but will also join me at “Valley of the Mastodon”!

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3 Responses to Headed west

  1. Tim Livengood says:

    Have a good drive!

  2. Nick Fraser says:

    So long, Butch. Safe journey and will now have two blogs to follow!


  3. Garry Hayes says:

    Enjoy the journey, and welcome to California! Be sure to look up a good friend of mine at the Hemet Library. Kathye Henderson is the head librarian. I’m sure she’ll help you get familiar with the area.

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