Solite Excavation, Day 5 and Blog 7th Anniversary

Group pic 9-6-2014

After taking a break for the Labor Day weekend, we went back to Solite last Saturday to continue our operation. We had our usual crew of VMNH folks along with 3 graduate students from Virginia Tech. Our excavation time was shortened due to rain in the afternoon, but fortunately we were about to collect some nice and interesting fossils. One such nice one being the possible cone pictured below, collected by Drew, one of the VT grad students.

Cone 9-6-2014

Other finds include this possible partial cycad frond…

Plant 9-6-2014And a fairly complete Tanytrachelos. The head, neck and right side limbs are not visible but may be present under the sediment. Throughout the day, our crew collected about 4 or 5 tanys.

Tany part B 9-6-2014And lastly, there is the strange looking thing I found. I want to call it fish stuff. If anyone would like to ID this for me, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Unknown 9-6-2014Due to the rain running us out of the pit, we weren’t able to collect as much insect bed as I had hoped for but we still managed to collect approx. 2 cubic ft.

And I would be remiss if I failed to mention that yesterday, September 7th, was the 7th anniversary of the VMNH Paleo Updates Blog!!! Thank you Butch for starting this blog and I hope I can do you proud as I continue it.

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