Solite Excavation, Day 6

Group pic 9-13-14

Despite the constant threat of rain, we were able to get into the pit and make some progress along the exposure. Our crew included Ray, Jim, and me, as well as two VT grad students, two professors from Roanoke College (RC) and several of their students. With so many people, we were able to spread out along the outcrop and focus on removing overburden and connecting our previous pits.  Pictured below are Drew (VT grad student), Lisa (RC professor), and Kendall (RC student) working together to remove the layers overlying the insect bed. I was working on the slope above them removing debris and locating the insect bed.

Drew, Lisa and Kendall

The highlight of the day was the specimen below: a possible trackway. I’m not sure if it is truly a trace but if it is, it is the first (possibly) from this particular pit and cycle.  Suggestions from those who know more on this topic are more than welcome.

Possible trackway

We also found more of our usual fossils: Tanytrachelos and plant material. Below we have the part and counterpart of a Tanytrachelos. 

Tany 9-13-2014

The next two images are of the plant material. The first is a possible cycad palm and the second has not been identified.

Plant 3 9-13-2014

Plant 2 9-13-2014

Due to the progress we made this week, I have high hopes for extracting multiple boxes of insect bed the next time we excavate.

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