Solite Excavation: Day 8

Tany and plant frags 9-27-14

Day 8 of the excavation at Solite treated us to a number of Tanytrachelos specimens in varying conditions of preservation. In my opinion, the most interestingly preserved Tany. was the one above. The vertebrae of the tail are lying on their sides providing a nice lateral view of the articulation surfaces in connection with one another. Preserved on the same slab is a plant with an abundance of leaves preserved along its branch, giving it a very feather-like appearance. I’ll admit, I was a bit confused when I saw it, thinking to myself how impossible and interesting it would be if it were a feather. While this specimen is not a complete specimen or even close to it, such fine details among the bones from Solite are not particularly common. Below is a selection of some of the Tany.s found, including one that Jim Beard found in situ as we were cleaning up the pit at the end of the day. In the first picture below, Jim is showing the Virginia Tech students the Tany. and sharing an excavation story with them. Large scale bars are in centimeters and the small metal scale bar is 5 millimeters long.

Jim and his in situ tany 9-27-14      Jim's in situ tany 9-27-14

Tany fingers? 9-27-14

Ray's tany 9-27-14

While fish were not as numerous this week as last, the fish of the day is the one below, which is relatively large.

Fish 9-27-14

And we collected another nice piece of Pagiophyllum.

Pagiophyllum? 9-27-14

Ray found the mystery specimens of the day. Below is an image of one of the two specimens he found with this pattern.

Mystery 2

In addition to the above specimens, Ray and I were able to collect another 5-6 cubic feet of insect bed.

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2 Responses to Solite Excavation: Day 8

  1. altondooley says:

    The pattern on the Tany hand is interesting. I wonder if this could be a track, with scale impressions from the bottom of the hand?

  2. altondooley says:

    The thing Ray found is pretty weird, too. I think it might be some type of trace fossil.

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