Fossil Friday: SOVA Career Expo – Youth Expo

Stream table

During the last two days, the Ray and I represented the VMNH at the SOVA Career Expo for Youth in Chatham, VA. The Career Expo was an opportunity for us to share with middle schoolers and high schoolers the variety of work that is conducted within the museum.  We showcased some of our casts including the full skeleton cast of Castoroides, Isotelus (trilobite), the reconstructed skull of a juvenile Diorocetus,  a Tanytrachelos, and the skull of an Allosaurus. We also gave molding and casting demonstrations and explained the uses of a stream table.

Day 1 of the Expo: ~2500 middle school students in attendance

Jim and Ray at Career Expo

Day 2 of the Expo: ~2500 high school students in attendance

Ryan, Ray, and Christina

Overall, the event went quite well for us. For any event like this, I am always happy to meet students who are genuinely interested in science and to see the faces of those students who realize that science is cool and fun and present outside of the classroom. It’s also quite fun to find those teachers who show their enthusiasm for their subject in all events….each group teacher/chaperone carried a flag to guide their students through each station of the expo. One of the teachers had the below flag, clearly showing her enthusiasm for teaching science and she shared with me that she was especially interested in trilobites. I was happy to share in her enthusiasm by showing her our Isotelus cast.

Keep calm and do science

You can see more pictures from the Youth Expo at the Virginia Museum of Natural History Facebook page . And always remember: “Keep calm and do science.”

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