Solite Excavation: Day 12

Cleaned pit 11-8-14

Saturday was a double-booked day for me. Therefore, Ray took the crew out to excavate bright and early while I stayed behind to give a tour to a class from Lynchburg College. While the students wandered through the exhibits, I was able to conduct some work with their teacher, who is also a VMNH research associate, Brooke Haiar. In response to our progress two weeks ago with the backhoe, Ray et al. focused on cleaning the debris off the outcrop.

Upon my reunion with the crew at lunch, I was presented with one of the findings from the morning – a fish, possibly Turseodus. As we continued to excavate that afternoon, Jim found another fish and a rather large cycad frond.

Fish 1 11-8-14

Fish 2 11-8-14

Large plant 11-8-14

Despite my late arrival to the quarry and with the assistance of Sydney, I was able to collect 3 boxes (~5 cubic feet) of insect bed.  Next weekend, there will not be an excavation. Instead, stay tuned for the updates from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Fossil Fair.

IMG_5142Jim and Sydney 11-8-14

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