Fossil Fair 2014 at NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Syd sara and me

Saturday, the VMNH paleontology department (Ray and I), the biology technician (Liberty), and two educators (Sara and Sydney) traveled to Raleigh, NC to participate in the 2014 North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (NCMNS) Fossil Fair.

During the past year, we have continued to update, grow, and develop the materials we take to fairs and other public events. Our setup this year included our information backdrop, mounted cast of Castoroides, and other casts and materials to raise funds for the museum.

Horse tooth close-up


Throughout the day, we talked with visitors, answered their questions, and explained the process to make casts.  We did not do a casting demonstration this year, but we did have a sampling of the casting materials to aid the explanation. With a couple of the VMNH educators there, we were able to provide insight not only into the inner workings of the paleontology department, but also into what the VMNH education department has to offer.

Ray and visitors

Liberty me and visitors

By the end of the day, we had over 500 visitors and made several hundred dollars for the museum. Many thanks go to the NCMNS and North Carolina Fossil Club for hosting, organizing, providing volunteers, and allowing us to participate in their Fossil Fair this year. Not only was it productive for us, but fun as well and I look forward to the NCMNS Fossil Fair of 2015.

Sara ready for work2 End of the day


Thanks to L. Hightower and S. Reichert for providing the photos for this blog post.

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