Carmel Church Quarry 2015 Day 4


Due to poor weather conditions, lingering snow, and ice, I lost three days of excavation time. Fortunately, my next crew of volunteers arrived safely and had excellent weather conditions to work in on their first day. This new crew consists of undergraduate students from the College of William and Mary, Virginia Tech, and Lynchburg College. With a high in the 60s, we were able to get a full day of fossil collecting done. Below are a few of the highlights of the day:

Partial fish maxilla

fish maxilla

Shark tooth with chipped tip cemented on and a complete shark vertebra

chipped shark tooth

shark vert

And this bone…reminds me of a phalanx.

poss whale phalanx     poss whale phalanx 2

In addition, one of the volunteers found a relatively  large fish vertebra and a cetacean vertebra. I too found an isolated whale vertebra and a smallish C. megalodon tooth.

As we continue to dig, we also continue to uncover more of the mystery that is the boulder field. Below is an annotated image of the current pit with the large rocks circled in orange. The view is roughly lateral to the rocks and perpendicular to the outcrop (facing the north wall). The mystery continues…

oblique lateral view CCQ

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