Carmel Church Quarry 2015 Day 5

2 ribs ccq boulderfield

As we continued to focus on the boulder field, the crew unearthed more boulder boundaries and a potential end to the boulders…well, at least an end to the boulders that are in our current pit. During this time, Grant from VT found the two associated ribs shown above and VT student Tara found the thoracic vertebra below.

CCQ thoracic vert day 5

In the picture below, all of the elements circled in red are rocks of various sizes and the area circled in green is a patch of indurated Calvert Formation. Calvert Formation was found in varying amounts on the other boulders but there was less of it and was not as indurated thereby making it easier to remove. The possible end to our  boulders is in the forming-trench in the left hand area of the photo.

The pit scaled day 5

With my large crew, it is important to keep them motivated and focused. For me, music has always been a great way to help me focus on a tedious task. Fortunately, all of my volunteers love music too. So we asked “DJ” Connor to hook us up with some jams. With tunes playing and the crew having fun with the songs, our energy picked up allowing us to make good progress in the pit.

DJ Connor

But excavations don’t have to be all work. So, for a change of pace, I took the crew to the Caroline County Visitor Center to see the paleontology exhibit. Here, they were able to learn more about the history of the site and see other specimens that were collected from the quarry, such as the extinct horse Calippus and the largest whale found at CCQ, Eobalaenoptera.

CCQ crew at Vis Center

And to top off our day, we gave our respects for the late Leonard Nimoy. #LLAP


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