Carmel Church Quarry 2015 Day 6

CCQ 3 verts float

Today was a half day but during this short period of time, the crew was successful in finding some photogenic fossils that I can share here. Above are the whale vertebra of different qualities of preservation and from different sections of the vertebral column. From left to right, an axis vertebra (cervical) that is slightly abraded, a thoracic vertebra more heavily abraded, and another vertebra that is abraded to that point that I cannot ID which section it is from.

In addition, Grant found this cetacean petrosal while he was prospecting.

CCQ Day 6 petrosal sideACCQ day 6 petrosal sideB

And per our usual, we found shark remains but a couple of shark finds stand out. These include a shark vertebra and a rounded fragment of a C. megalodon tooth.

CCQ sharks day 6

With the increase in temperature, we have also seen an increase in the number of arthropods crawling and flying around the pit, including the millipede below.

CCQ millipede

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