Solite Excavation Day 30

The crew 2016-06-11.jpg

Saturday presented us with sunshine and a good crew for our excavation at Solite Quarry. This site rarely disappoints and Saturday did not disappoint. Some fragmentary material was collected but we also found the two specimens below: the posterior half of a Tanytrachelos and what I can guess might be a fish. 


Possible fish.jpg

With Alex’s help, I was able to collect ~ 12 cubic ft of insect bed! With that pace, we have the potential to collect the remaining exposed insect bed during our next excavation.

Pit post dig.jpg

On a side note, Alex succeeded in losing ANOTHER sole. Some of you may recall from last year that during Alex’s first excavation at Solite as the paleontology curator, the soles of both of his boots fell off. Solite seems to like destroying Alex’s soles….yet no one else’s.

Lost sole.jpg

I’d like to give a big kudos and thanks to all the volunteers and Paleontology interns who endured the heat of the day with me, Alex, and Ray. Additionally, congratulations and many thanks to Courtland, Paige, and Liz for joining the Paleontology Department this summer as interns!

The interns and then some.jpg

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