A haiku!

As we near out grant deadline, Ayranna and I have been working hard to finish up the digitization project. Things have begun to slow down, as we are running out of prepared specimens and now must take extra time to look on slabs have not been pre-checked nor sorted. We end up looking at a lot of slabs that only have plants or shell fragments and no insects. In terms of numbers for this grant, those slabs are worthless, though we do try to mark anything interesting for future researchers. But we need to keep moving forward on the insects, and cannot stop to take time photographing other things.


All the slabs we have searched through this last month with no insects present. They are to be stored in their appropriate cabinets to be available for future study.

However, we are making progress– we have reached our 7,000th record! Again, similar to our 6,000th record from March, it is not a very exciting specimen. Yet, we are proud of our progress and want to celebrate!



Our 7,000th Record! VMNH#97321; indet. insect abdomen fragment, scale bar: 5 mm with 0.1 mm div. 

Our 7,000th record! To commemorate this moment, Aryanna has written a Haiku!

Searching with the ‘scope

For record seven thousand

a bug butt I see.

In other news, Senator Tim Kaine stopped by last week for a tour of the museum and came into the lab to see some of the Solite fossil specimens.


Dr. Alex Hastings discusses the value of keeping donated orphan collections, one of which features a very important triceratops horn; with Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. 

You can read about Senator Kaine’s visit here: in a write-up by the local Martinsville Bulletin. And we are preparing to be a designated stop For the Garden Club of Virginia on the Historic Garden Week tour. We will be assembling a giant cycad fossil to have on display, and the Solite fossils will also be out for folks to study under a microscope.

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