New Intern working on Virginia cave bones (guest blog written by Mr. B. Khameiss)


I am a new intern in the Paleo Lab at the Virginia Museum of Natural History, in association with the Smithsonian Institute. This is the first time I have been in this city and the museum as well. I am a PhD student from Ball State University, Geology Department, in Muncie, Indiana.


Small mammal bones from a cave in Bath County, Virginia

I have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Earth Sciences, and my major is Paleontology. I am working on a Tertiary coral reef (foralgal reef), and the reef community. I received this internship from the New College Institute, and the Tom Family foundation, due to my interest regarding micro-mammals.

I am working with Dr. Hastings to identify the micro-mammals from the Starr Chapel Cave, located in Bath County, Virginia. I am also working on the Jurassic sediments from the northern part of Wyoming (Two Sisters Quarry).
In addition, I will get training soon with Mrs. Dawn McCrickard, on how to use the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), to image the micro-mammals.


Sediment samples from Bath County, Virginia


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1 Response to New Intern working on Virginia cave bones (guest blog written by Mr. B. Khameiss)

  1. Congrats on interning at the Museum. If you ever have an interest in Virginian stromatolites I have a site for you.

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