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Triassic footprint donation

Paul Olsen from Columbia University spent the day at VMNH examining some of our Triassic collections. Paul is responsible for much of our understanding of how Newark Supergroup sediments were deposited and how they correlate with each other, so we’re always … Continue reading

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More belostomatids

I mentioned in my last post that water bugs from the family Belostomatidae are among the most common insects at the Solite Quarry. Christina was recently photographing a rather nondescript piece of the insect bed that demonstrates this quite well.

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From the Collections Room (Belostomatidae)

I’m back at the museum after a short vacation, but the lab didn’t shut down in my absence. Christina took lots of photos of Solite insects while I was gone, including a number of belostomatids.

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Secondary Adaptations conference

Immediately after the Carmel Church excavation, Christina and I headed to George Mason University in Fairfax to attend the 7th Secondary Adaptations of Tetrapods to Life in the Water meeting (SecAd). The SecAd meetings occur every three years and have … Continue reading

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Carmel Church Day 12

On Saturday we wrapped up our May Carmel Church excavation. With lots of bones turning up over the last couple of days and all the difficulties introduced by the boulder field, we spent the day prying blocks of sediment and … Continue reading

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Carmel Church Day 11

The strange bone Rowan found yesterday bothered me all night. I was frustrated because there was a large, fresh-looking break (above) and I felt that if I had the rest of the bone I might be able to make a … Continue reading

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Carmel Church Day 10

We’ve finally reached a point in the excavation that I’ve been dreading. Although things started off a little slow, we’ve been gradually finding more and more bone. The problem is that these bones are wedged in and around the newly-discovered … Continue reading

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