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Pi Day

Today, March 14, is Pi Day. Brett suggested that I mark the day by writing a non-repeating, non-ending blog post, but I though that might be a little beyond my writing stamina limits (not to mention your reading stamina). Therefore, … Continue reading

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Dino Day

Dino Day was held at VMNH yesterday. The morning started off with the unveiling of the Boxley stromatolite; the photo above include (left to right) Charles Craddock from Boxley Materials, me, John Moser of Moser Productions (who designed and built … Continue reading

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Stromatolite news

There was lots of activity today related to the Boxley stromatolite. We plan to publicly display the stromatolite for the first time tomorrow morning during VMNH’s Dino Dayevent. John Moser of Moser Productions arrived this afternoon with the stromatolite base, which took several months … Continue reading

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Conococheague Formation, Part 2

Even though the Conococheague Formation is highly deformed at the Blue Ridge Quarry, there is still a lot of information about the original environment in which these sediments were deposited. The first piece of evidence is the stromatolites.

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Conococheague Formation, Part 1

Since VMNH received the remarkable Boxley stromatolite a few months ago, I have read several hundred pages on both stromatolites and the Conococheague Formation, the rock unit exposed in the Boxley Blue Ridge Quarry. As part of my follow-up on the specimen, … Continue reading

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Fossil arrivals

Boxley Materials delivered their giant stromatolite to the museum on Wednesday. There was some excitement while we tried to find a forklift that would lift the specimen (the first one we looked at was only rated for 2,500 lbs–nowhere near enough!), but with … Continue reading

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Boxley stromatolite

I’m back from vacation, and immediately back into the thick of things. Last week I took one of my vacation days to drive to Bedford County with our geologist Jim Beard. We had been contacted by Boxley Materials’ Blue Ridge Quarry … Continue reading

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