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Carboniferous Fossil Plants Kits Available!

We in the paleontology department have been very fortunate to have Dr. DB Poli, a VMNH research associate and professor at Roanoke College, working at the museum during her sabbatical. Dr. Poli has been aiding me in the collections room … Continue reading

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Solite Excavation: Day 21 and 22

Our last two trips to Solite have been filled with plants, fish, and the occasional Tanytrachelos. Our crew for the last two trips were VMNH staff and accompanying weather that can’t decide if it wanted to be freezing cold or pleasantly … Continue reading

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Solite Excavation: Day 8

Day 8 of the excavation at Solite treated us to a number of Tanytrachelos specimens in varying conditions of preservation.

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Solite Excavation, Day 7

The seventh day of our Solite excavation was a stark contrast to last week. This week we had a smaller crew, weather any paleontologist would dream of, and we found significantly more and better preserved fossils. I also succeeded in … Continue reading

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Possible traces on a fossil plant?

 DB Poli from Roanoke College and her students Travis Lupmkin and Sarah Petrosky have been closely examining our Carboniferous plant fossils from the Boxley quarry in Beckley, West Virginia, in order to make identifications and to look for any unusual … Continue reading

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Fossil plant collection arrives at VMNH

As I’ve mentioned before, orphaned collections are are major source of acquisitions at VMNH. Collections can become orphaned for all kinds of reasons, but a common one is when a prolific researcher spends a career at a university building a … Continue reading

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Exploding club mosses

I arrived back home from the SVP meeting a few days ago, and I’m still trying to catch up with all the things I ignored over the last 2 weeks. At some point I’ll add some additional posts about the … Continue reading

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