Teaching Kit 2VA – The times, they are a changing (Virginia version)

Kit 2VA

With this kit, students examine the fauna of Virginia at three different points in history: 14,000 years ago, 1,000 years ago, and modern day, based on casts of fossil teeth. Students will use identification cards to help them identify the teeth, compile faunal lists for Virginia for each of the three time periods, and hypothesize on the causes of the observed changes in fauna.

The kit includes the following:

  • 13 casts of fossil teeth, color-coded by age
  • Eight identification cards
  • Storage box

Cost: $30 plus shipping.

The handouts linked below (pdf format) include the teacher’s guide, student handout, sample answers, and aligned with the 2010 Science Virginia Standards of Learning.

Third Grade: 3.1a, c, d, g, h, and j; 3.4a; 3.6c; 3.10a

Fourth Grade: 4.1a, e, h, and i; 4.5b, d, and f

Fifth Grade: 5.1a, d, g, and h; 5.7c and g

Sixth Grade: 6.1a, b, e, g, and h

Life Science: LS.1b, d, and i; LS.4d; LS.9c; LS.10b and c; LS.11a-e; LS.13a-c

Earth Science: ES.1a, c, and e; ES.2b, d, and e; ES.9a and d

Biology: BIO.1a, b, e, and f; BIO.6a-c; BIO.7a-b; BIO.8a and d

“The Times, They are a Changing: Virginia” Lab


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