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SeAVP Day 2, Museum Hopping, and National Fossil Day!

Day 2 of SeAVP: Field trip day! Kat Turk, former VMNH intern, and I attended the field trip to Smith County Lime Pit, Sylvarena, MS. This quarry containing 4 Oligocene formations: Marianna, Byram, Glendon, and Bucatunna. The majority of the … Continue reading

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“Stories from Skeletons” exhibit at VMNH

The main exhibit hall at VMNH is the Harvest Foundation Hall of Ancient Life. There are five structural columns in the Ancient Life Hall, and these columns have cases built around them. Since the building opened we’ve used those cases … Continue reading

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On Museums

Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to visit a number of other museums for various reasons. These institutions are highly diverse in terms of their goals, and the contrasts between them gives me the opportunity to reflect … Continue reading

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