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From the Collections Room (Castoroides)

Other than the dinosaur-laden Mesozoic Era, the time period which receives the most attention from the general public is probably the Pleistocene. This isn’t entirely unjustified, because the Pleistocene is rich with charismatic megafauna. It seems like practically every group … Continue reading

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Completed Pelagornis humerus

In March 2011 we collected our first specimen of Pelagornis from Carmel Church. We didn’t get much, just the distal end of the right humerus. As it happened, we already had a fragment of a Pelagornis right humerus in our … Continue reading

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Dino Day 2013

Last Saturday was VMNH’s annual Dino Day festival, which this year coincided with the public opening of our Dinosaurs exhibit. We arrived early to start preparing the lab for the event, and Tim took a picture of the calm before … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs exhibit at VMNH

On Thursday night we had the members’ opening for VMNH’s new exhibit, “Dinosaurs”. We borrowed cast skeletons from several museums for the exhibit, including the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences excellent Acrocanthosaurus mount (above).

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Collection of Cretaceous fossils comes to VMNH

The long-term care of a collection of fossils can be a difficult challenge for a museum, and sometimes things don’t work out. Museums may close due to budgetary problems, or their budget may shrink to the point that they can … Continue reading

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The Hall of Ancient Life

When the new VMNH building opened in 2007, it featured 5 main exhibit halls. The largest of these, at around 30 meters in length, was the Harvest Foundation of the Piedmont Great Hall (named for a major sponsor). The Great … Continue reading

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When research museums cut research

The Field Museum in Chicago (FMNH) is one of the largest natural history museums in the world, with massive collections of important specimens across multiple disciplines. It also happens to be the largest natural history museum in North America that … Continue reading

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