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Wind River Canyon

On Friday we left Nebraska and continued to Wyoming. Following US 20 took us through Wind River Canyon, with spectacular views of rocks representing almost 3 billion years of the Earth’s history.

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Ashfall Fossil Beds

One of the most spectacular fossil deposits I’ve ever seen is Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historic Park, near Royal, Nebraska. We stopped there for a few hours today as we crossed Nebraska en route to Wyoming.

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Driving to Wyoming

We’re currently en route to Wyoming for our dinosaur excavation. While the midwest has a lot of great geology, there aren’t many features that are visible from the interstate at highway speeds. One of the exceptions is shown above. Illinois … Continue reading

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Squalodont whales

I’m on the road right now, headed to Wyoming for the dinosaur excavation, so this will be a short entry. My lecture at the Aurora Fossil Museum last Saturday was on squalodont whales. I’ve long had an interest in this … Continue reading

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Aurora Fossil Museum

This afternoon I presented a lecture on squalodont whales at the Aurora Fossil Museum, as part of the Aurora Fossil Festival. I was impressed with how the town turns out for this event; there was a parade, and better than 100 … Continue reading

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Whale update 5

I did a fair amount of work on the baleen whale skull from Carmel Church this week. Some of the pieces removed from the jacket are net yet ready for photographs, but I have assembled more of the rostrum, shown … Continue reading

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More sperm whale

I’m back from vacation, and hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the pace on new entries. The Rappahannock sperm whale is shown above. We’ve made a fair amount of progress exposing the recovered parts of the skull, which appear … Continue reading

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Sauropod chevron

I’ve been on vacation this week, which is why I’ve been slow writing a new post. Volunteer Jim Slezak has been preparing various dinosaur bones from one of our Wyoming sites. The latest one he has completed is this sauropod … Continue reading

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