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New Carmel Church fish

The vertebra shown above is another of our “leftover” specimens from last August’s Carmel Church excavation. These “leftovers” are specimens that were removed when making trenches for plaster jackets; they are placed in bags and are generally the first things … Continue reading

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World Tapir Day

At the Gray Fossil Site Symposium, Richard Hulbert from the Florida Museum of Natural History reminded everyone that today is World Tapir Day, and event and organization that supports tapir conservation efforts. There are four living species of tapir, and all are endangered to … Continue reading

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Gray Fossil Site Symposium

This year is the 10th anniversary of the discovery of the Gray Fossil Site near Gray Tennessee. In honor of the event, East Tennessee State Natural History Museum and the Don Sundquist Center of Excellence in Paleontology co-hosted a one-day symposium on … Continue reading

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More donated Carboniferous plants

We’re currently in Tennessee for tomorrow’s symposium at the Gray Fossil Site (I’ll post about that this weekend). On the drive out, we stopped in Norton, Virginia to pick up a box of Carboniferous plant fossils being donated to the museum by … Continue reading

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Xiphiacetus from Carmel Church

A common question I get from the public is “How do you identify a species?”. It happens that I’ve been trying to make a lot of identifications in preparation for my SEAVP talk, so this seems a good time to … Continue reading

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Deformed shark vertebra

On our last day at Carmel Church we collected this very large, 6-cm-diameter shark vertebra from near the top of the bonebed. I think this is the largest shark vertebra we’ve ever collected there, although I have a few incomplete … Continue reading

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Carmel Church crocodile follow-up

Back on April 3, I reported that we had recovered a huge crocodilian tooth from Carmel Church (Thecachampsa or Gavialosuchus, depending on which worker you listen to). I’ve now had time to get that tooth back to the lab, clean it up, and … Continue reading

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