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Diplodocid ilium

It’s funny how fossil preparation works sometimes. You can have two fragments that you’ve tried to fit together over and over without success, and suddenly they just fit. That’s what happened with the diplodocid left ilium (hip) shown above. This bone … Continue reading

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Boxley comes through again

Photo by Mel Cartwright/VMNH Charles Craddock from Boxley Materials delivered another great plant fossil to VMNH yesterday morning. The new specimen is a four-foot long plant trunk from Boxley’s quarry in Beckley, West Virginia. I think all the fossil plant material at the Beckley … Continue reading

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From the collections room (Xiphodolamia)

While our shark tooth collection at VMNH is dominated by Carmel Church specimens, we do have some from other localities. I recently came across this tooth mixed in with invertebrate remains from the Pamunkey River in Hanover County, Virginia. 

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“Picasso” progress

On Friday I did a bit of prep work on “Picasso”, the whale we collected from Carmel Church in 2005 and began preparing last year. Picasso’s skull, to use a technical term, is “a big ‘ole mess”; it’s badly crushed … Continue reading

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Carmel Church fish weirdness

This is more of the fallout from our Dino Day rush of prep work on Carmel Church specimens. For some years we’ve been finding small numbers of bony fish vertebrae like the one shown above.

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New Carmel Church tooth

During Dino Day, I had a small army of volunteers prepping various materials in the lab, including the bagged material from last August’s Carmel Church excavation. During the course of the day they managed to get through several bags of material, … Continue reading

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More plants

With a book chapter, Dino Day and an exhibit opening behind me, hopefully things will settle down a bit and I can actually work with some fossils; I was beginning to wonder if that was still part of my job!

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