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Coming to a close…

Guest blog by Aryanna “Baby-Hands” James Unfortunately, it is about that time that I say goodbye as my internship comes to an end. However, I love it here so much that it is not an indefinite goodbye as I will … Continue reading

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More Bugs!

This has been an exciting week in Paleontology! A few days ago, the discovery of a feathered dinosaur tail fragment was all over the internet and yesterday our stackshot equipment (which was being fixed) returned to the lab. Ok- maybe … Continue reading

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VMNH Geoscience collections now online (with pictures!)

For more than a year, VMNH earth science technician Sarah Timm and paleontology technician Christina Byrd have been hard at work transitioning the VMNH Geosciences databases to EGEMS, a database developed by Sarah for her Master’s thesis at Virginia Tech. … Continue reading

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Castoroides…almost there!

The bad weather across the southeast has thrown schedules into turmoil, but even with the museum closed to the public Ray and I have been coming in to work on several projects, including our Castoroides mount.

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Castoroides closer to completion

Our mount of the giant beaver Castoroides took a big step forward over the last week.

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More progress on Castoroides

Just before Christmas, Ray made a lot of progress on our mounted cast skeleton of the giant beaver “Castoroides“, a replica of the skeleton on exhibit at Earlham College. The armature to support the skeleton is made mostly out of … Continue reading

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Reconstructing Buttercup, Part 8

Having finally produced a resin cast of the cranium of “Buttercup“, we want to make the cast look like a real fossil for exhibit purposes.That means painting, which is a multistep process.

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