RECORD 8,000!

Well… Ary and I are still working on the fossil insect grant. Things are slowly moving forward- but we have reached over 8,000 records! Woohooo! We have about 700 more to go as we need to photograph and catalog 8,910 insects total.


Thysanoptera, aka Thrips; VMNH#98538; scale bar: 5 mm with 0.1 mm div.

You can always take a look at all of our fossil insects by going to our flickr page, and I have split up the fossils by location: we have Madison, NC (Triassic); Solite Quarry (Triassic); Montague, MA (Jurassic); and Green River Formation (Eocene). 

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We are planning something fun, loud and silly for when we finish the grant- hopefully that will be in July. Our original plan was to finish by June, but that just does not seem to be possible at this point. Anyway, I hope you check back in with us to see what the surprise is! 

In other news, we have also been out in the field this week! Saltville, Va is home to a fantastic assortment of late Pleistocene epoch fossils.

And Saltville has a lovely museum as well: The Museum of Middle Appalachians. It is definitely worth a trip if you are passing through!

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1 Response to RECORD 8,000!

  1. George says:

    I am glad to see that the Saltville excavations are going well and adding to the Pleistocene paleofauna. One question, why type of lower vertebrates have been collected? Such as reptiles, amphibians and bony fish.

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