Diplodocid scapulocoracoid – almost finished

On Dino Day two years ago we opened a jacket from Wyoming containing a diplodocid scapulocoracoid.

It has been a relatively low priority specimen for us (in terms of the urgency to complete preparation), but we’ve slowly been working away (see various updates from 23 March 20081 September 200916 September 2009, and 10 November 2009). We’ve had an increasing number of volunteers working in the lab. As they’ve become more comfortable with fossil preparation, the work pace has picked up.

This morning we finished preparation of this specimen. At this point all that remains is to complete the second half of the storage jacket (see a video on making a storage jacket). We’ll probably start that today, and finish it next week. If all goes according to plan, we will open a new dinosaur jacket during Dino Day on January 23.

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2 Responses to Diplodocid scapulocoracoid – almost finished

  1. Doug says:

    Let’s hope you do get to open a new one. I still look forward to that day when i open a jacket for the first time…

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    It’s always a good time. You get there.

    After I wrote the post, we started making the storage jacket, and it looks good so far. We should finish it on Monday.

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